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Measure T is set to expire in 2026 and the Madera County Transportation Authority (MCTA) is seeking your feedback so that we can learn from the November 2022 election as we consider options for renewing this funding and deciding how future funding might be prioritized.

Since 1990, transportation improvements in Madera County have been supported by a half-cent sales tax known as Measure T. Measure T provides over $12 million per year in locally controlled funding for local transportation projects and has allowed the County to leverage $226 million in state and federal matching funds to make priority repairs and transportation improvements.


Thanks to Measure T funds, communities across Madera County have benefited from highway and interchange upgrades, road repair and improvements, public transit, bike and pedestrian safety and other programs to relieve traffic congestion and provide safe and affordable transportation options for all residents.


The Board of Supervisors unanimously placed the extension of Measure T on the November 8, 2022 ballot. The measure would have extended the half-cent sales tax until ended by voters. Measure T received 52.29% of the vote, falling short of the two-thirds threshold required to pass.



Asset 3_300x.png

45 miles of County roads repaired and repaved

Asset 4_300x.png

42 bus stops installed in the City of Madera

Asset 5_300x.png

20% of local roads in Chowchilla improved

Asset 6_300x.png

$226 million in leveraged matching funds from
the State and
Federal government

Asset 2_300x.png

$204 million in new locally controlled transportation funding over 20 years



We invite community feedback about renewing Measure T funding. For questions or comments please email

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